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Brian Gisore

Dr. Deniz Uçar

Dr. Deniz Uçar is an Environmental Engineer and an
Associate Professor at Bursa Technical University. His
recent publications include “Increasing biomethane
production from paper industry wastewater with optimum
trace element supplementation.”

Dr. Uçar received his PhD degree from Istanbul Technical
University in 2016. He focuses on biological processes in
water and wastewater treatment, and teaches
Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Chemistry,
and Membrane Bioprocesses at Bursa Technical

Dr. Ozan Bekmezci

Dr. Ozan Bekmezci is a Biologist with a PhD in
Environmental Engineering and currently working as an
Assistant Professor at Bitlis Eren University. He works on
environmental biotechnologies with specialization on
anaerobic waste removal/recovery including biogas
production (i.e. anaerobic digestion).

Njoki M. Kangethe

Njoki M. Kangethe is an Environmental and Biosystems
engineer based in Nairobi. She graduated from Jomo
Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is
currently in charge of the organic waste management
systems in Kibera, working with 'Slums Going Green and