The Issue

The Issues

  • 30% of Municipal Waste is mismanaged worldwide and this waste contributes to climate change. 
  • 20 million people involved in waste management have little income
  • tens of millions more are unemployed
  • Only 10% of plastics world wide are recycled
  • The resources of this waste are burned or dumped. Causing pollution and forcing virgin resources to be used to make products that communities want and need
  • 5% of all man made green house gases are from landfills and waste byproducts

All of this is unnecessary and improvements can be Made today

  • All waste can be properly managed with WasteFree23
  • 20 million people working in the waste industry can increase their wages by 50% and earn a living wage with WasteFree23
  • Tens of millions of jobs will be created with WasteFree23
  • 100% of plastics can  be recycled and reused with WasteFree23
  • All waste is used reducing the need for virgin materials with WasteFree23
  • Green house gas emissions can be zero from Waste Management with WasteFree23

The good news is we now have a solution.