Recycle Everything!

Recycle Everything with Waste Free '23

Discover how to recycle various items the Waste Free ’23 way! With Waste Free 23’s innovative approach, almost everything in your household can be transformed into valuable resources. Our community-driven solutions empower you to turn waste into a source of profit and environmental well-being.

Types of waste and their amount percentage.
Chart of Waste Types and Their Percentage. Source: EPA (Click the image to go to the source)
  1. PlasticsLearn how to sort plastics according to types

After sorting you can get 7 types of plastics. Some of them can be upcycled into valuable products and some require other ways of recycling:

        I. LDPE, PP & Soft Plastics:
LDPE, PP and soft plastics can be recycled into panels using a heat press, which can be sold locally. Also many products can be made this way. Please refer to the WF23 Proudct page in development for the list of products that can be made.

        II. HPDE, PET & PVC:
HDPE & PET can be shredded using a plastic shredder and sold. Learn More.
PVC and thermosetting plastic needs to be shredded using a shredder and can be used in concrete.

Plastics are a huge and growing part of total waste in our community. Learn all about recycling and upcycling plastics at Waste Free ’23 University.

2. Food &  Organic Waste

Organic waste is recycled into high protein animal feed using BSFL. It is also composted and used in biodigester to produce biogas. Find out more at Waste Free ’23 University Organic Processing Section.

3. Metals

Aluminium can be melted and cast into different shapes for various purposes. For easier recycling of any metal, find a scrapyard or other services that will pay for metals. Find out more.

4. Textiles

Textiles can be easily repurposed, or it can be recycled by innovative approaches like making a flower vase with a cloth. Learn How to Make a Flower Vessel from Clothes.

5. Glass

Glass is a sustainable material. Learn more here. It can be reused or, it can be repurposed as many creative and necessary objects. 

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