How Can You Become Waste Free?

How Can You Become Waste Free?

Create jobs, end the dumping, burning  and trucking of waste in your community.
It costs nothing to start – and there are so many benefits. 

1. Collect all plastic trash and separate them into 3 piles. One is PET, Second PE and soft-plastics, Thirdly PVC and composites. You can sell PET pile, use PVC in concrete, and use a heat press to convert the PE and soft plastics into plastic products using a heat press which is the most profitable. Learn more at this designated part of Waste Free ’23 University. 

2. Find Black Soldier Fly Larvae in a rubbish pile. Raise them to Adults and collect their eggs. Learn how

3. Organize a Pencils for Plastics eventLearn how. 

        Help Promote WasteFree23 by spreading the word that ALL trash can be and IS being recycled. It is a profitable business in thousands of communities, creates jobs and  fights poverty. Learn how easy it is to create more than one business with your community’s daily waste, or start an micro-recycling center.        
        Help with this website with training manuals, videos, product information.  There is SO much to do, and we can use your help! Contact us
        We need funding to keep us moving. Help us by donating and be a part of the waste free movement.
        Visit our products page and find out the range of scope Waste Free ’23 has to offer. Buy a Product!

Before starting, you can find out more about our processes and successes by doing as follows:


Thank you for going Waste Free in ‘23!

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