What is Waste Free in ’23?

What is Waste Free in '23?

WasteFree23 reduces the cost of recycling and processing municipal waste by 50% by empowering individuals and communities to collect, recycle and make use of ALL household waste. 

Nothing burned, dumped or trucked. 

  • Benefit communities and the environment from low-cost waste recycling and processing.
  • Empower and train communities to manage their own solid waste.
  • Eliminate transporting, dumping, and burning of waste.
  • Recycle and process all municipal waste to reduce sorting and cleaning.
  • Use recycled and processed waste to benefit the workers and the community that generated the waste.


  • 50% lower waste management costs
  • Elimination of pollution from waste management.
  • A full-time, living wage job is created for EACH tonne of waste processed per week.

WasteFree23 was created in January 2023 by the waste pickers, waste collectors and informal community residents in Nairobi.  

We hope to spread the Waste Free in ’23 Initiative worldwide!

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