Micro Recycling Center (MRC)

Micro Recycling Center (MRC)

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What is an MRC?

A Waste Free ’23 Micro Recycling Center (MRC) is a small, localized facility that can be set up in a community to collect and process waste products. MRCs are designed to be profitable, while also providing environmental and social benefits.

Benefits of MRCs

  • Environmental: MRCs help to reduce waste going to landfills, which can help to reduce pollution and conserve resources. They can also turn waste products into new products, reducing the need for virgin materials.
  • Economic: MRCs can create jobs in the community. They can also provide a source of income for people who collect and sell recyclable materials.
  • Social: MRCs can help to educate people about the importance of recycling and sustainable living. They can also create a sense of community pride.
Wasini Island's MRC. Click to know how they're starting their Waste Free journey.

How MRCs Work

MRCs typically collect a variety of recyclable materials, including plastic, food waste, and toilet waste. The materials are then sorted and processed.

  • Plastic can be shredded and melted down to create new products, such as chairs, tables, or bins.
  • Food waste can be composted or fed to black soldier fly larvae, which can then be used as livestock feed.
  • Toilet waste can be treated and turned into fertilizer.

Setting Up an MRC

An MRC can be set up in a relatively small space, such as a 15 square meter building. The MRC will need a power source and some basic equipment, such as a heat press, gloves, and a hot air gun.

The initial cost of setting up an MRC is relatively low. However, the MRC will need to be staffed by a team of workers. The MRC can generate income by selling the products that it makes from recycled materials.


Waste Free ’23 Micro Recycling Centers (MRCs) are a great way to reduce waste, create jobs, and educate people about sustainable living. They are a relatively low-cost investment that can provide significant benefits for the community.

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