The Solution

The Solution

The WasteFree23 solution, created in Nairobi in 2023 from simple and proven recycling processes, addresses many problems with the world’s current waste management solutions.

WasteFree23 recycles all waste close to the source, eliminating the cost and pollution associated with transporting waste. It empowers existing waste workers to collect and process all waste instead of focusing on specific items within a tonne of trash, resulting in a more efficient use of labor.

WasteFree23 processes waste near the source, adding value until it can be sold for the maximum price. Processing waste into more valuable products reduces the inefficiencies of buying and selling waste repeatedly and transporting it to a distant factory.

WasteFree23 equipment is low-cost, portable, safe to operate, and requires minimal facilities. This enables recycling close to the source of waste without the need for factories, offices, capital investments, investors, loans, or additional costs associated with traditional recycling methods.

The WasteFree23 solution operates worldwide, processing trash and waste globally. Its success lies in eliminating most of the costs associated with traditional waste management and recycling, allowing for the recycling, reusing, and repurposing of all waste.

How Can You Become Waste Free?