Board Members

1) Gisore Nyabuti – Executive Director

Brian Gisore Nyabuti is the secretary general of the Kenya national waste pickers welfare association. He was born and raised in Kibera, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. His passion for waste picking started at a young age. When he was in third grade, he found out that metal and plastic can generate an income, as his family had to skip meals because his father’s income couldn’t provide for the whole family. After finishing a mechanical course in technical college, he returned home to find many of his peers with similar or higher qualifications unemployment. Gisore and like minded peers decided to reform their community by cleaning up the river and collecting house hold waste for a living. The waste pickers decided to organize themselves and in 2019, founded a Nairobi waste pickers welfare association with other waste pickers and then other counties formed Then formed the Kenya national waste pickers welfare association in 2021.

2) Agnes Mwendwa – Chief Secretariat

Agnes is a social scientist who focuses on the intersection of mental health, physical health, art and the environment. She is passionate about promotion of gender equality, conservation of biodiversity, and research on sustainable innovations, industry and infrastructure.

3) Kevin Muller – Community Mobilizer

Kevin is a community nurse working towards promoting good health to the community through provision of first aid and other services and giving training to all interested people. He knows that good health can only be achieved when we have access to quality food, clean water, and sanitation. He loves children and involves them in activities to empower them through to future through the ‘Mazingira Watoto Initiative.’


4) Njoki Kangethe – Lead Environmental Engineer

She is passionate about environmental conservation and protection, sustainability and promoting the circular economy, and making improvements in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector. She is currently in charge of the organic waste management systems in Kibera — designing, setting up, and giving advice about the black soldier fly systems.

5) Ali Yusuf – Communications and IT Manager

Ali is well versed in agriculture and modern farming methods which is why he spearheads our urban farming projects. Ali’s knack for technology has seen us incorporate modern technology in our projects to make us more visible as we raise awareness about our organization’s cause.

6) Ascah Kemunto – Operations Manager

Ascah is an excellent coordinator and oversees river clean-up drives in her goal to ensure accessibility of clean water and sanitation. Additionally, Ascah vehemently advocates for gender equality, rights of girls, and reduced inequalities for the marginalized and vulnerable groups.

7) Moses Boraya

Moses is in charge of Policy and Youth Affairs. He has passion and in-depth knowledge of youth matters, as well as policy issues across several fields. He works towards eradicating inequalities of the marginalized and vulnerable groups including people with disabilities.