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There are many ways to support the Waste Free in ‘23 Effort!


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The Waste Free in ‘23 initiative has been running through crowdfunding. Plastic is everyone’s problem, and it is an urgent one. Your contribution today will result in plastic being taken out of the environment and recycled tomorrow. To get an idea of how your contribution helps:


Buy a heat press for a Kenyan CBO 40,000 KSh ($320)
Remove and recycle one ton of waste from the Nairobi River 10,000 KSh($80)
Buy an 80-liter trash bin for placement along the street in Kibera 7,000 KSh ($60)
Sponsor a Pencils-for-Plastics event 6,000 KSh($50)
Buy a product mold for a Kenyan CBO 2,000 KSh($16)
Buy a 15-liter trash bin for a school, hospital, or orphanage 1,000 KSh($8)


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Share Advice

Experts: We are always in need of scientists, environmentalists, engineers, bloggers, social media managers, and others to lend their expertise to our effort. We gratefully accept advice and suggestions if you have an idea for how to improve our equipment or processes. Please join our Waste Free in ‘23 Facebook Group and post your ideas or interest there.



Volunteer in Person

Volunteers: Eco-voluntourism is a rewarding way to meet the wonderful people of these communities and learn about their way of life while offering assistance. Most of the micro-recycling centers would love to have your help in person. Some ways you might assist:

  • coordinate a local Pencils for Plastics Drive

  • collect waste

  • operate equipment to make recycled plastic panels from plastic waste

  • create products from recycled plastic panels

If you would like to volunteer in person, please post your interest on the Waste Free in ‘23 Facebook Group page.

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