Transforming Wasini Island: Bilal’s Waste Free ’23 Success Story

Transforming Wasini Island: Bilal’s Waste Free ’23 Success Story

Wasini Island, a beautiful island off the coast of Kenya, used to have a big problem with trash. Plastic bottles, bags, and other waste littered the beaches and worried everyone who loved the island. But then, something amazing happened!

Bilal, a friendly tour guide who runs Dolphin Bay Safaris, decided to take action. He teamed up with us, Waste Free ’23, an international NGO that helps communities get rid of waste in a smart way. Bilal knew his island could be a paradise again, and he wasn’t going to give up!

Wasini Island
Wasini Island's Waste Problem
Bilal and his Micro-Recycling Center

Together with his community, Bilal started by learning how to sort their trash. This might sound simple, but it’s important! Separating different types of waste makes recycling much easier. Once they had this down, Bilal and his team got to work, collecting tons of trash from all over the island. They even went by boat to clean up hard-to-reach areas.

But their hard work didn’t stop there! Recently, Bilal and his team did something extra special – they cleaned up a mangrove forest! Mangroves are super important for the island. They’re like little forests that grow in the water, and they provide a safe home for fish and other sea creatures. Cleaning the mangroves means a healthier ocean and a happier Wasini Island!k

Before Cleaning the Mangrove Forest
After Cleaning the Mangrove Forest
Trash is Being Taken Off of the Island by Boat
Collected Trash Lying on Beach to be Taken

So, what happens to all this collected trash? Well, some of it gets recycled into cool new things, like plastic panels, products. Click here to see WF23 Products. Waste Free ’23 even brought a Heat Press machine to the island that can turn trash into treasure! Other waste gets disposed of safely, so it doesn’t harm the environment.

Bilal’s story is one of hope. It shows that even a small island can make a big difference when people work together. Thanks to Bilal and Waste Free ’23, Wasini Island is becoming cleaner and healthier every day.


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