Finances of a Micro-Recycling Center (MRC)

Typical Costs and Income of A Waste Free in 23 (WF23) Micro Recycling Center (MRC)

WF23 empowers individuals and communities to recycle/upcycle ALL household wastes to eliminate transportation costs, dumping and burning of waste.

Processing organic / food waste/ manure can be a profitable enterprise with Black soldier fly larvae, composting and biogas.  The focus should be on BSFL as they consume organic waste and then become livestock feed – a very valuable product. Initial costs are very low – training, a net and eggs or adult black soldier flies.  

Costs and Income

  • $10 USD for 5kg of waste a day resulting in ½ kg of livestock feed per day
  • 1/2kg is sufficient for 5 chickens which can produce 5 eggs per day 
  • 5 eggs can produce an income  of $.50 per day. 
  • BSFL waste = organic  compost has value 
  • BSFL waste as feed stock to Biogas system has value

Upcycling / Recycling / Processing Plastics can be a profitable enterprise by optimizing the value &  environmental benefit of the 3 categories of plastics:

  • SOFT plastics – ldpe, pp, etc. NOT pvc

With minimal sorting and cleaning these plastics can be pressed into sheets then formed or assembled into a large variety of products which can be sold or used. 

  • PVC, thermoset plastics

These plastics are best used as a substitute for small aggregate /aka sand in concrete.  While the value is minimal the benefit to the environment is great since sand is typically used at a great cost. 

Replacing 10% of the sand in concrete with plastic has no appreciable impact on concrete strength.  


If clean and segregated these plastics can be sold in bulk for $50 to $500 USD per tonne.   If not sold they can be processed in a heat press using a different process. – same equipment – to make products. 

Costs and Income

  • A heat press and associated tooling costs $400 to build in community and can process 500kg or more per day
  • Additional equipment is a shredder and bailer but are not required
  • $.10 per kg is approximate value of a soft plastic panel 10’ x 36”
  • $.05 per kg is the approximate value of a PET,  PETE, etc. 
  • An MRC that takes in 1 tonne of mixed plastic per day with a team of 6 workers can generate $75 USD per day of value…and more if products can be produced that have more value.   Electricity costs approximately $10 USD per day.