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Product Description:

Plastic Recycling Heat Press – Turn Plastic Waste into New Products

This heat press is a DIY device that lets you shred and press plastic waste into recycled sheets. You can use these sheets to make tiles, coasters, art pieces, and more.

The heat press is easy to use, durable, and portable. It has a hydraulic press, a heating element, a temperature controller, and a timer. It measures 60 x 40 x 40 cm and weighs 25 kg. It runs on 220V power and consumes 1.5 kW of electricity.

By using this heat press, you can save money, reduce plastic pollution, and unleash your creativity. You can also join a global community of plastic recyclers and share your ideas and creations with others.

Order your plastic recycling heat press today and start your plastic recycling journey!


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