Pencils for Plastics (P4P) – a Revolutionary WF23 Program

Pencils for Plastics (P4P) – a Revolutionary WF23 Program

Pencils for Plastics Drives are a fantastic way to engage the children of your community in raising awareness and cleaning their environment. P4P Drives can be held by groups such as schools, churches, or community-based organizations, or individuals. At a P4P Drive, children collect waste on an established date, bring the garbage to an identified site, and receive a pencil, notebook, sapling, or any other “award” of your choice in exchange for the waste they have collected. We discourage the children from collecting waste from the streets and encourage them to collect waste from their household and classroom if possible.

To get started:

● Identify adult organizer(s).
● Identify a site to collect and store theplastic waste.
● Decide on a date and time to hold the drive. Perhaps begin with a 2-4 hour collection window.
● Gather a team of adults or older students to assist on the day of the drive.
● Publicize the event throughout your community.
● Purchase school supplies, saplings or any other “award” that will be given in exchange for plastic waste.
● Visit the Waste Free in ‘23 Facebook Group for additional ideas.

On the day of the drive:

● Collect garbage in a central location from children/community members and reward participants with a school supply or sapling.
● Conduct 30-minute workshops throughout the collection window to educate participants on the harmful effects of plastic waste, pollution and importance of e the environment in order to raise awareness within the community.
● Appoint a photographer to chronicle the event with photos and video.