How to Make Flower Vessels from Clothes

How to Make Flower Vessels from Clothes

Looking for a unique and sustainable way to display your beautiful flowers? Look no further than your own closet! This craft transforms old clothes into charming flower vessels, adding a touch of eco-friendly flair to your home decor.


  • Old clothing 
  • Clay (enough to fill 2 tub)
  • Mixing pot
  • Water
  • Long stick
  • Container with soil to put the long stick in
  • Box (large enough to fit on top of the stick)
  • Optional: paint, stencils, or other decorative elements


  1. Mud Preparation: Prepare a mud mixture by combining water and soil in the mixing pot.

2. Fabric Fusion: Add your old clothes to the mud mixture. Mix thoroughly to ensure the fabric is well-coated with mud.

3. Building the Base: Fill a tub with clay. Push a long stick vertically into the center of the clay, creating a sturdy support. Place the box on top of the protruding end of the stick. This will act as a mold for shaping the vessel.

4. Sculpting with Mud: Retrieve the fabric-mud mixture and carefully drape it over the box, shaping it into your desired flower vessel design. Focus on creating a stable base by wetting the fabric mixture with additional mud if necessary.

5. Drying Time: Allow your creation to dry completely. Once dry, carefully remove the box and stick, revealing your upcycled masterpiece!

Pro Tip!

Get creative with your design! Use different colored fabric scraps to create a patchwork effect or add stencils or paint for a personalized touch. You can also use our product page to showcase and sell your creation.