How to Make Waste Bin From Plastic Trash – LDPE Polyethylene

How to Make Waste Bin From Plastic Trash – LDPE Polyethylene

Trash aka waste bins can be made quickly and easily with trash plastic bags and wrappers with a heat press. Why buy a new trash bin made from virgin material – oil and plastics – when you can make your own from the plastic you through out daily!


You will need trash plastic, teflon sheets, a heat press, a clothes iron for bonding the seam and a “mold” for shaping the plastic into the form of a trash bin.


Step 1:

Make a 12″ x 48″ plastic panel from the trash plastic and while hot wrap around the form you have chosen.

Step 2:

After the panel has cooled a little so it keeps the shape of the mold take it off the mold, overlap the seam and place teflon and then an iron to seal the seam and make continuous the side of your bin

Step 3:

With the seam welded..forming a continuous loop, place the completed sides on a heat press with teflon in place to keep the plastic from sticking. tuck the loose bits of plastic toward the center and then fill the bin with 10cm thick of loose plastic bags or 2cm of shredded compact plastic bags. Place teflon on top of the material you added and then add a weight to compress the added loose plastic against the heated heat press.

Step 4:

Heat and press the loose plastic down so that it becomes compacted, heated and bonds to the sides of the waste trash bin.

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