Recycling Diapers for a Greener Future – Waste-Free in ’23

Recycling Diapers for a Greener Future – Waste-Free in ’23

  1. Recycling in Nairobi: A Sustainable Transformation

Nairobi is recycling disposable diapers!  Using the power of the sun to disinfect – and the power of biology; a team in Nairobi are converting disposable diapers into binders for tarmac repair and agricultural nutrients. 

           Best of all – the diapers are recycled in the community where they are used so NO TRUCKS.  No big factories.

  1. Steps to Composting Diapers: Turning Waste into Rich Soil

Step 1. Prepare for Composting:

    • Only the filling of diapers is compostable. Wet diapers can be composted, soiled ones should be discarded traditionally.
    • Ensure safety by not using diaper compost on food crops and conduct the process outdoors over your compost heap.

Step 2. Tear the Diaper:

    • Tear the diaper over the compost heap, starting from the front side.
    • Let the wet contents fall onto the compost while disposing of the remaining diaper parts.
      Step 3 Spread and Mix:
      • Spread the diaper contents with a shovel and gently mix them with the top layer of your compost.
      • If your compost pile is dry, a quick spray of water can aid in the mixing process.
        Step 4..Bury It:
        • Cover the diaper material with approximately half an inch of compost or soil.
        • This step prevents odors and maintains an insect-free compost pile.
Step 2. Tear the diaper
Step 3. Spread and Mix
Step 4. Bury it
  1. Recycling Diaper Materials

Polyacrylate Crystals: These water-absorbing crystals found in diapers can be repurposed, collected and sold at a gardening center. Here’s how:

  • Collection: Remove the crystals from used diapers by simply shaking them out.
  • Reuse: The polyacrylate crystals can be used in gardening to improve water retention. They are a cost-effective alternative to store-bought options.

Waste Free in ’23 is the solution for a community’s waste to be processed by the community, in the community for the benefit of the community.

There is no reason to wait anymore- be waste free in 2023

If your community wants to recycle diapers, create jobs, and stop burning and dumping of trash please post your interest as a comment and let’s see if the great waste free in 23 group members can help your community become waste free!

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