How to Be Waste-Free in ’23 – an Overview

How to Be Waste-Free in '23 - an Overview

Waste Free in 23 is an initiative to share what started in the slums of Nairobi Kenya to end all waste – the Nairobi Slums no longer dump, burn or truck their waste! All communities world wide can become waste free and create jobs using these same processes. The waste free in 23 communities helps to get started.

Community waste is typically 60% organic/food and 30% plastics.

A Waste Free in 23 community:

• Processes the organic and food waste with Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Biodigesters to create livestock feed, cooking gas and fertilizer.

• Upcycles and recycles plastics quickly and totally by one of 3 processes: heat press to make products out of plastic, sell PET & HDPE, shred PVC and add to concrete instead of some of the sand.

• These processes create jobs and products that can be sold for revenue to offset costs. It requires low cost equipment and processes. Equipment can be built locally.

How you can become waste free in 23:

• .Find other Waste Free in 23 groups near you on facebook Wastefree in 23

• Select to recycle Plastics OR organic waste first, then post your request on Waste free in 23 so other groups can support you with training and equipment

• .Waste free in 23 processing methods can be done with or without electricity.