How to Make PickleBall Racket Holder From Recycled PickleBalls

How to Make PickleBall Racket Holder From Recycled PickleBalls


    PickleBall Paddles need organization! And what better way to build a Pickle Ball Paddle Holder than using broken and damaged pickle balls! 100% recycled materials makes this a great solution for organizing your PickleBall Paddles

Necessary Supplies:

PickleBalls or any High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a WasteFree23 Heat press (see the instructions on how to build a heat press), Tefllon, a Mold, Drill and 2″ Hole Saw. That is it..easy!

Step 1: Place teflon sheets on the bottom of the heat press to keep the HDPE pickle balls from sticking as they are heated to 170c

Step 2: Place broken pickle balls or any hdpe. At this low temperature the plastic does not “flow” very much so the plastic you place should be spread out.

Step 3: Close the press. It will take 5 to 15 minutes to soften the balls.

Step 4: Add balls or parts of balls as needed to fiill most holes. Peal back the teflon sheets to inspect. Careful. it is hot!

Step 5: Have a male mold ready. We used a 2″ abs pipe ontop of a similar width piece of wood to make a U shape. Press tighly and hold for a few minutes as plastic cools.

Step 6: Teflon being removed from the plastic

Step 7: Drill 2 inch diameter holes spaced 1/2 an inch apart on the top and bottom of the racket holder